For the freight forwarding industry

Our unique platform with built in time zones enables forwarders to connect with one another directly through their mobile device across several communication platforms.

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Introducing a new freight network

with the most advanced Virtual Meeting Platform in the industry

A project has come up and you don’t have time for a long back and forth email trail? Our powerful interface enables you to quickly schedule a meeting with your DigiFreight partner with time zones automatically considered via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and WhatsApp .

Member Centre

View profiles and see availability of Members at events or request a spontaneous meeting with time zones considered.

member centre

Virtual Meetings

Our system enables each company to be entirely in charge of their own schedule. Our next event is 8-10 May 2023.


Croatia 2023

Our first face-to-face gathering is an exciting 3-day event from 2-4 October 2023 at the Hotel Croatia Cavtat in Dubrovnik.

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Meeting Hub

A calendar to help you track and manage all meetings in one place, you can even view in different time zones in case of travel.


Connect Remotely

A new kind of networking

The logistics industry provides one of the most important services to our globally connected world and communication is vital. This has been particularly important since the global pandemic with many people now continuing to work intermittently from home. DigiFreight enables forwarders to connect better so that they can achieve and maintain strong working relationships. Our trailblazing Meeting Hub contains all the tools our Members need to build, manage, and engage with their overseas partners.

Virtual Meetings

But face-to-face events too!

As well as being able to request spontaneous meetings via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and WhatsApp, every 6 months the DigiFreight team allocate a series of consecutive days where all Members are invited to participate in virtual events (next dates are 8-10 May 2023). We also know it is important to meet in person, so we have organised an exciting face-to-face event in Croatia from 2-4 October 2023 at the Hotel Croatia Cavtat in Dubrovnik . The gathering is entirely optional, but we anticipate most major world markets to be represented.

We invite you to see how DigiFreight works by watching our short video.

“It is my great pleasure to join DigiFreight"

"Joining a network is not an issue as there are 100s in the global market. However, it is important for me to know who the creator is and I have known DigiFreight founder, Rachel Crawford and her success stories for 20 years. It is my great pleasure to join DigiFreight in the new normal world based on digital and virtual connections." Khaled Bin Raushan, Pacific Agency Aviation and Marine

“DigiFreight will only approve 2 forwarders per country”

“We want to foster a close network of agents and our semi-exclusive policy only allows 2 forwarders per country. Members are selected due to their excellent reputations, their accreditation by international authorities and will have passed a strict entry procedure. All successful applicants will secure their territory and have instant access to the Member Centre and Meeting Hub.”